White Asparagus From Bassano Del Grappa

White Asparagus From Bassano Del Grappa

The White Asparagus of Bassano (scientific name Asparagus officinalis L.) is a prized vegetable belonging to the Liliaceae family.
In the Bassano area, where the land is particularly suitable and the climate is mild and ventilated,
the cultivation of asparagus has an ancient history.
In November 2007, the White Asparagus of Bassano obtained the DOP, Protected Designation of Origin,
a European brand that identifies local products that present particular characteristics of quality and typicality.
It has a characteristic bittersweet taste that distinguishes it from all other asparagus species.

It is tender and non-woody, fresh in appearance and smell.
Harvested every day at dawn to guarantee the highest quality of the product,

after harvesting the asparagus are washed, cleaned and selected strictly by hand. They are then tied with a willow sucker called "Stroppa".
This is an irrefutable characteristic of Bassano White Asparagus. The white asparagus of Bassano is 18 to 22 centimeters long, has a considerable diameter,
the tip is tightly closed and is characterized by its bitter-sweet flavor and tender consistency: these peculiarities have allowed it to obtain,
in 2007, the DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) quality mark. Asparagus is usually sold in bunches wrapped in willow suckers,
on which a tricolor label is applied bearing a serial number that leads back to the harvest date and the producer.