Romano di Lombardia (BG ) - Italy

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Hotel Mariet is located in the heart of the historical center of Romano di Lombardia, located near the ancient defensive walls of the town, called circles. A short walk from the medieval castle dating from the twelfth century, the parish church of Santa Maria Assunta provost and San Giacomo Maggiore, the Palazzo Rubini built in 1854 as the residence of the famous tenor Romanese Giovanni Battista Rubini.


Description architect

"As soon as you cross the threshold of this hotel, you feel a special atmosphere, warm, intimate and enveloping. A place where every detail is designed with passion.
I chose white as the engine for inspiring the entire hotel: the rooms are dominated by white walls, white cabinets and white rests suitcases. The only hints of color are characterized by parquet, from chairs and ceiling dove gray that joined the desk creates a relaxing color perception. Bathrooms have rectangular tiles and change color according to the site plan and come with heated towel rail. Showers with glass doors have large heads and round cages steel soap dish; washcloths and towels are 100% cotton. The rooms are equipped with double beds separable, covered only by the down jacket, to give a feeling of cleanliness and freshness at the same time.
Spotlights in rooms are in LED technology for low energy impact, the detail of the light on the headboard creates an unexpected brightness. "
Architect Sara Paveto (CostaGroup)


Our family history starts in 1930 when, my grandmother, Finazzi Maria, was born in Romano di Lombardia from a family of 10 siblings.
He has 16 years is assumed in the candy factory in the city "the Pagliarini candy", who was a child in the seventies remember it still advertising on Rai's' caramolla. "Along with candy stuffed in the trunk, registered patent, is the most famous product of Pagliarini, the confectionery company that for a century "made" the history of the Romano. An entrepreneurial adventure that begins in 1896. "The Charles Pagliarini, candy" comes to use in the first 50 years more than 900 employees.
He meets her future husband Aldo Fenaroli who was a driver and traveled throughout Italy Delivering desserts products in Romano factory
Tired of working as employees detect in the early 60's a bar in the center of Romano, beginning on their experience in the restaurant business that will see them sell and buy local from the early 60s to the present. In the Meantime have two children: Fenaroli Elia and Fenaroli Piermaria that help parents constantly in the management of the premises, until in 1972 they build the eponymous hotel Romano di Lombardia and manage it together until 1986 when it is outsourced.
Built in 1972 by Finazzi Maria and Aldo Fenaroli is managed until 1986; in 2009, was completely renovated by the Family Fenaroli.
The founder Finazzi Maria is helped in the management by the sons Elia and Piermaria and his grandson Andrea that after so many years of experience, serving companies more' renowned in the industry, both in Italy and abroad, has decided to actively contribute to the growth the family business.