Easter Menù 2024

Easter Menù 2024

Easter Menù  2024

80,00 euro per person

Our homemade bread (grissini , bread with taggiasche olives, focaccia)



Squid gnocchi, peas, ponzu sauce.

Focaccia, spicy mayo, white fish tartare, burrata cheese.

Artichokes, pecorino cheese, seven peppers.

Cheese ricotta cannoli, asparagus, lemon.


First Course

Homemade ravioli del plin, rabbit bolognese sauce, veal stock.

Risotto, jeorusalem artichokes, lemon, black ink squids, anchovies, and squid skewers.


Secon d Course

Lamb chops, olives tapenade, potatoes



Basil, lemon, meringue tart

Colomba pasquale

Petit patisserie