Christmans Menù

Christmans Menù

I like to take Christmas a little at a time, throughout the year.
And so I get carried away until the holidays: I let them take me by surprise,
waking up one day and suddenly saying to myself: "Wow, this is Christmas day!"








Christmans Menù 2022

80,00 euro 

Beverage not included



Deep fried white fish ball & lentils

Squids & Pumpking

Bicolor scallops

Artichoke & pecorino cheese


Raviolo, goat cheese, spinach, egg yolk, parmesan cheese

Risotto, broccoli riduction, shrimps, anchovies cream


Guinea fowl roll

Sea bass with potacchio sauce


Raspberry tart

Panettone Maccalli

Petit four